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We're selling our collection of USED, vintage 70's "psychedelic" camera straps. Expect signs of wear, thread fraying, rust and dirt. For those that get it. You're Welcome!

Fabulous Mercury II #vintage

Mercury II CX Camera

The Mercury II CX was made in the U.S.A. just after WWII.  The company that made this camera was called Universal Camera Corp., I believe it was based out of New York. The original Univex Mercury ...


Ol’ Movie Cameras

8mm movie cameras

I love old movie cameras! Vintage 8mm movie cameras are relatively small and compact, so they display pretty nicely. Over the years I've noticed that folks tend to collect cameras but movie ...


Psycho Strap Pins

psychedelic strap pins

My pins are in! The mailman just brought me 300 of my Psycho Strap pins.  I  made them up for each of my psychedelic camera straps. I will attach one pin to every strap I sell from my vintage ...